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Kitchens Interior Design

leading Modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai that designs and manufactures beautiful modular kitchen models. We all know that the kitchen is the soul of a home. Hence, we make it a point to provide you with designs that are tailored to your space. We transform your ideas into tangible outcomes. Wooden touches in kitchens and closets are gaining more significance. We create elegant and functional models that will catch your attention at first look. Keeping this element in mind, we design a Modular Kitchen in Mumbai & Thane and ensure adequate room for essential appliances and storage needs.

Appropriate counter space and cabinets improve the kitchen layouts. As technology advances, we improvise to provide you with the most trending designs that meet all of your needs. Modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai & Thane provide trending kitchen models to suit the kitchen space and fulfil the varying needs of the client's preference. Depending on the size of your home, you can choose from five different kitchen layouts. L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, straight, or one wall layout & island layout are different layouts. All of these modular layouts include a clever space management feature.

An office equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smart phone or computer.

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Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen interior design that blends function with elegance.


Get completely personalised furniture to complement the aesthetic of your space.


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How We Work

  • Let’s co-create your dream home

    Our expert designers will understand your requirement and bring your dream home to life - in 3D

  • Choose your favorite material

    Design experts will help you choose the material and texture you love from our curated collection

  • Confirm the project timeline

    Our team will work out the project duration with you keeping in mind various activities planned

  • Site Handover

    You get the keys to your newly created home along with warranty documents

Additional Information

What is Space Design Studio?

Can I avail of the service if I want some very simple and minimal design work done for my house?

Absolutely. Space Design Studio offers personalised solutions for your interior design needs. Our designers talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design a space that is in sync with your tastes and preferences. This service is definitely an option for you to consider.

Do I have to get the entire house designed if I book this service?

Not at all. This service works for you even if your renovation is limited to a specific room or area of the house.

Who will supervise the work when I’m out of the house at work?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) would be your single point of contact for all queries and concerns that you may have. He will be the one to lead the entire project and keep you informed about the progress.

Will I need to visit the site regularly?

No. Our customer experience specialist (CES) is the custodian of your site and he will visit the site and also ensure that you get regular updates about how the work is progressing. The CES is your go-to person in case of any concerns or queries.

Can I opt for different themes for different rooms in my house?

Definitely! You will be involved in every design decision that is taken. The customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer will consider and incorporate your opinion and solicit your approval at all stages in the designing phase. The final design will be based on your tastes and on popular trends.

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